I grew up in sunny Santa Barbara, CA (a very idyllic place to be). My dad is a robotics engineer, and growing up he fostered my love for projects that brought together a variety of skillsets. In high school, it became clear to me that design was always my favorite part of any project.

After teaching myself software like the Adobe Suite and Sketch, I started building freelance websites for small local businesses.

I left California for the East Coast looking for a liberal arts education, but still wanted to pursue my interest in digital design. However, Wesleyan didn't have a formal program for this, so I developed my own major (Interaction Design) and supplemented my hard skills through internships and studying abroad at the Glasgow School of Art. A multidisciplinary approach to an education in product design (a mix of studio art, computer science, engineering, and sociology/anthropology related to tech and society) was hugely influential in my design philosophy today.

The summer after I graduated, I moved to New York City and started my first full-time job at Brex, where I still am today. Over the last three or years or so, I've learned a ton from our design team about execution, collaboration, and product strategy.

Currently, I'm excited about doubling down on craft when designing interfaces, broadening my creative toolbox to include printmaking and textile design, and seeing as much live music in New York as possible.

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